Tuesday, September 4, 2018

well, the holiday weekend flew by as quickly as expected -
did I labor? of course, but for me, it's necessary
there was time spent in the garden, a new feeder was added
socks were completed, sweater for Noa is nearly done (one sleeve to go!!!!)
another sock cast on this morning (two more cast on's planned before the end of the day)

bulbs have been planted (more to come next weekend)
soil added to the planter beds and the coop moved to the side of the house for Sophia (who I prefer to call Allyne)

a roasted chicken made into Chicken Tortilla soup and put in the freezer for later in the month with the hope cooler weather is on the way

lots of talking over the front yard fence with neighbors - with a newborn neighbor's baby girl added to my knitting list for a cute baby girl beanie with a soft pom pom

so I'm off, to begin a new (but shorter work week ahead!)
have a great day, I'll be back soon....

new pictures to post tonight of recent projects off my needles and updates on the house projects as well....

enjoy your day :-)

Thursday, August 30, 2018

the Labor Day weekend will be here soon....any plans?
I have a long list.....but Monday?....just rest and relaxation...

let's see if I can really do that?.....
insert chuckling here......

I think about sitting down and writing, really I do!
but then I get pulled in one direction with thoughts, then another, until the time is gone and something that REALLY needs my attention wins.

It's all good, even the strings of life that pull at me daily - to have nothing to do when a new day arrives, would be the saddest thing in life - to just wake up and ask yourself the question, "what am I going to do today?".... ugh
I prefer waking with a rush of thoughts filling every corner of my brain - with tasks that will far outnumber the hours of the day ahead

My projects are many - from paint brushes, pruners, knitting needles to kitchen pots - they all call to me....inside and out, from dusty attic boxes, to potted plants in the garden long forgotten after the summer heat set in...there is much to do

Thankfully the closets are less cluttered, the floor space revealing dust bunnies along the baseboards now that I've managed to clear and donate clothing - time for the vacuum to remove the bits and pieces that find their way in - years of opening and closing closet doors... always the last place on the list of "things to do" - who wants to spend time in the back of a closet?

The "west wing" screened patio has come to a stop when the heat arrived - only the dogs enjoyed the new space as they come and go from the backyard - the little hen still stands at the screen waiting to come in, remembering when she first arrived and her coop sat alongside the table saw.

There's constant progress, constant fluid life activities that keep each day full.....

A long weekend is ahead, giving me time to upload photos, and begin again my blogging

see you soon - take care until we meet again