Thursday, October 19, 2017

there are new photos,
new adventures,
dates marked on the calendar for camping,
roofs have come off,
new wall sockets have been installed,

hand knit socks are filling the "sock box",
countless bags (okay, I did count 38) of yarn stored here and there, and everywhere
still more yarn waiting to be packed away from moths

just when I thought the trailer was "sorta finished"
I've decided, it's not

white paint, white furniture, re-purpose, flea market finds, clocks that outnumber the space available, pillows with no place to go - a new room underway

thrift store chicken plates, too much fabric with too little time or talent, to know what I'm doing when the needle speeds along in a wonky direction while creating far from perfect crafts

mastering the perfect martini

but best of all,

I found a book - that may have given me the answer that will help me win the battle inside my head

see you soon friends,

the camera is back in my hand, along with the needles, paint brush, and steering wheel with trailer in tow...

Sunday, July 23, 2017

how's your summer going???
it's been saltwater...sea air....sea traveling packages and the summer isn't close to ending yet!!

gotta go....there's more water in my future today...grab that beach towel....

Friday, July 14, 2017

there's balance,
with exciting additions coming by year end...

summer in midseason...
enjoying every warm (or hot) moment of it...

new discoveries, friends, and adventures...

good days