Sunday, April 18, 2010



Not much knitting completed, in fact, everything I did knit I ripped out - thought of attaching a pic of the pile of yarn, but since every knitter has seen his or her own pile of ripped back yarn I thought, no great interest in that.
So, here is something that maybe of interest, went out hiking and sight seeing to a new location - here's the test, can anyone tell me the location? Send me a comment and I'll let you know if you are correct. The little shack holding together for dear life is a project that interests me greatly - I'm a sucker for a project and have always had unrealistic ideas of what is possible, Oh, sitting on a porch with that view with Lap Dog, natural fibers surrounding me, can you knit Coyote?? Hope you enjoy the pics, more knitting to share tomorrow,

Have a good evening,
Lap Dog Knits

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