Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

a peek at my stash, a wee bit messy, these are my favorites,
tomorrow I'll show you whats next to the shelf out of sight in this picture

Happy Mother's Day
The week was as busy as I had expected, birthday celebration and a wedding on Saturday. Mother's Day was relaxing, nice memories made.

Knitting - another burp cloth completed, originally I had planned to make 8 - 10 burp clothes for twins due in October, today I received news only one of the twins will likely be born, the other it seems will not survive. I didn't know the sex of either twin, I had started knitting burp clothes in shades proper for boys, in the back of my mind I kept thinking about something I have wanted to knit and donate (a need seldom asked for or even considered because we focus on the living) I have wanted to knit burial gowns for babies at the hospital that are born too small. The one surviving twin is a boy, the other twin is a girl, for her I will knit with Blue Sky Alpaca Royal a burial gown, something special for her parents to wrap her in and know that she is covered in soft lovely fibers. I consider my knitting ability to be a gift, I am glad I can give to this to her parents.

Life is sometimes very hard, but it does go on, better days will be ahead.

I'm wishing everyone a good week,


Prairie Rose said...

ooohhh! I am so jealous!
Of course,If I would gather up my stash into a neat stack I might almost have about that amount:)
I love "hoarding" yarn.

Lap Dog Knits said...

I am married to a very special man who never asks me how much I've spent on yarn...God Bless him for not asking so I don't have to tell a lie...I love my yarn, sometime I just sit in my knitting room and he'll stop by the door and ask "what do you do in here", I don't tell him "dream about future knitting projects"