Sunday, May 23, 2010

Something Sweet

Wow, why is it the weekends always go so much faster than time during the work week??

Friday evening spent with friends was fun - a trip planned together in Sept. to the central coast of California to celebrate a 60th birthday (I swear she looks 45).
Swap meet shopping on Saturday, a college graduation party on Sunday, the car is still dirty, looks like it will be another week before it sees the carwash. I did get some of the housecleaning completed and the bird feeders filled for the week. Lunch with Mom today and a quick stop at the vegetable stand to buy her some strawberries.......

So with that in mind, check out what just came off the knitting needles....I had to make a couple chocolate dipped, just because they are so much fun to make and no guilt in eating any since I'm trying to think "bathing suit season"

Have a great week, back to knitting the UFO Fun Weekend Bag - I've decided it will be for taking clean towels and linens to the lake and bringing back the weekend dirty laundry, it will be totally washable and quite stylish, who has a fun dirty laundry bag??? Enjoy your week, thanks for stopping and taking time to visit Lap Dog Knits, she's on my lap as I type, she sends along a wag and a bark....

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