Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Very Special Day - Happy Birthday Girlfriend

Here's a fun little knitting project from the Itty Bitty Toys book by Susan B. Anderson, noro bird nest with a cotton egg.....but is that all there is? - SURPRISE

That sweet little egg will hatch right before your eyes into a cute is that?? I'm thinking Easter should include a couple fuzzy little chicks (custom made peeps)I've had such fun flipping the egg inside out that I need to improve on my finishing sewing as this little guy needs repair on the beak and tweeking on the wings

Jaclyn's choice of birthday cake - assorted cupcakes... the little flags have quotes from Jimmy Crickett and Bob Dylan, love it!!

Hello Everyone,

This is a very special day, my daughter's birthday. Even though she's no longer small, I can no longer pick her up, hold her little hand while we walk, watch her ride her bike with a pet bird on her shoulder, crack her first egg while baking, those are memories I hold deep inside my heart while I watch her begin her 28th year. She has grown up to become everything I have wanted for her and so much more. She is one of my greatest gifts in life, she is a very special person and I only take credit for letting her go so that she could grow into the person she has become - it would have been so easy to hold her tight and protect and never let go to keep her my little girl forever.

She's hasn't taken after me with the knitting - a hat or scarf here or there, maybe she doesn't need the stress relief the knitting brings, lucky girl...

Enjoy the pictures, I'm wishing everyone a good week, one spent with good food, drink, family (if you enjoy your relatives) and friends, of course, fantastic yarns and your favorite needles, interesting patterns, great blogs to inspire..

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Jaclyn's homegrown bouquet of birth flowers - sweet peas

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