Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are There Really Enough Books????

Do I have my fill books and magazines??? Nope, I love the pictures and reading patterns for future projects, I'm currently working on a four square baby blanket with a matching hat for a little guy due to join us in late October, I've had this book in my hand more than once at the bookstore so finally I asked myself "you know you'll buy this book, what are you waiting for?" I went to a LYS last week to pick up a couple of skeins for a future blanket and yup, you guessed it - I saw a new color of Sugar & Cream cotton - I continue to make different size market bags and giving them away but this new color is going to be a keeper for Lap Dog, I haven't bought it yet but it keeps calling to me from the store and I have a 50% off coupon for one skein so how can I continue to ignore the calling from those little cotton balls waiting to become a market bag for Thursday nights at the local downtown farmers market???? My goal is to finish each project I start and use the yarn I have, I'm doing well sticking to that plan for 2010 - I figure 5 skeins of an affordable craft store cotton doesn't really count......I'll add a picture tomorrow of the new color - new to me anyway, maybe you've already seen it...

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Prairie Rose said...

Never enough craft books or any books for that matter.
When married my husband and we were ready to move my things 8 hours from where I lived to his home, he brought a truck,thinking all my things would fit in it,which they did, then we had to rent a U-Haul for all my books!!
He was shocked that a woman of 23 could acquire that many books in her lifetime.
But,they are all with me here now (plus a few more;)