Thursday, July 8, 2010

Door County Pictures

Some additional pictures of the wonderful locations in The Clearing, thank you everyone who has checked this blog and your questions regarding the experience at The Clearing, lots of interest from people in California as this is sooooo far removed from anything around here. I will continue sharing photos from time to time but I'm also going to move into the present - today, I'm looking forward to hitting the Farmers Market downtown after work, a wonderful blogger who loves porches and kitchens, shared recipes using rhubarb so I'll see what's available at the market. I'll be updating again later today - let's hope today brings only rhubarb, the clock is ticking (another earthquake yesterday) and I always feel relief when we have passed the 24 hour mark. Each passing hour reduces the odds of more to follow. Time to review the water and canned food supply, a small part of living in Southern California. Have a great day everyone!!!


Prairie Rose said...

I hope your journey is successful and you come home with Rhubarb!
Up here it is late into the season,but I hope you will find some!
Even if you dont,I am sure you will come home with lots of yummy treasures.
The pictures of The Clearing are just lovely!
The Cabin is so cute!
Its looks like how the cabin would look in Little House in the Big Woods;)

Lap Dog Knits said...

Yes it does make me think of The Big Woods, do you remember the soddy with the earth roof she wrote about in her books??? I saw something in Wisconsin that made me think of that - very fun... let me know what you think, I'll post the pics today. I think Laura Ingalls would have been a fun friend to have known, so glad she wrote her adventures so we can enjoy her life.

My Sterling Shot said...

Hi LDK, always love the pics. Strawberry rhubard is my favorite. Send me a slice? Off to India tonight. If I survive i'll post some pics.