Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beach Fun In Sicily....

Here's a couple of shots of how they spent their first day......
This is their front yard, can you believe it??? Out the door, past the palms and grass and directly into the waves! Surfers wouldn't be impressed, but these two left their boards back in California so it's perfect.

Klaus loves balls.....the saltwater is a new experience fetching. Son, can you throw towards the grass instead? Makes my throat hurt just watching him getting the ball with an occasional mouth full.  

Have a great day, I'll be back shortly with wristwarmers, something I knit while holding my breath waiting to hear if I would be called for jury duty....I was the only knitter in the entire group!!! I thought for sure at least one fellow knitter would join me on the sofa, I sure had lots of curious eyes watching while I knocked out two sets of warmers. Enjoy your day!!!!

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Prairie Rose said...

Lucky Puppies!
Wow, what a wonderful place to be a dog (or a human or anything!:)