Sunday, December 5, 2010

Up Up & Away........

Tonight's Dinner/Italian Sausage Soup

Check out Posey Gets Cozy - this is her recipe,
it will be a "do over" in our house 
 Today I said goodby to my four legged grandchildren.....the canine kids. They are off on a new adventure to live in Italy with my son. Soon his entire family will be reunited and the coming year holds promises of many exciting new experiences. I'll be holding my breath until I hear of their safe arrival,  I would love to see their reunion!!
The cages secured, the agent traveling with them throughout the trip confirmed, now I hold my breath waiting word of their safe arrival....

A return trip to L.A.X. (after receiving a phone call just as we pull up to the front of our house!) -  Klaus refused to go back into the kennel after having the airline inspect the kennel and the handler was afraid to force a Pit Bull somewhere he didn't want to go.....can't say as I blame him. So Klaus stood with his leash on him next to his escort outside at the departure curb and waited....he was not a happy camper when we returned, a gentle shove back into the kennel and on to the plane he went. The flight departed on time....

So, we wait, watching constantly on the internet current flight status.....

Until exhale, I knit....I bake.....I knit......Here's what I've done today

A vest is on the needles....a Christmas gift so I have to make a gauge,.....I don't like doing this, I like to jump in with both feet and knit and knit and knit and hope and say a prayer and hold it up mid completion and say another prayer and knit on hoping for gauge - or "close enough". With this project that plan won't work. It's a gift for a stylish woman who's appearance is always polished. Not like her daughter who's typical way to dry her hair is to lower the windows in the car and drive fast.  So "why" you ask am I knitting rather than hitting the local Nordstrom department store and having them box me up a designer labeled garment instead?  Because it's for Mom, and I HAVE to knit something special with love attached to each and every imperfect knit and purl. Will I create a fabric that is uniform in appearance? Fit correctly? Long enough? Drape correctly? Doubtful, but in her eyes it will be lovely, the perfect shade of Plum, comfortable. That's what great about Mom's....they love handmade gifts from their kids, and that Nordstrom gift card that will be included in the box is always nice too.

Remember the yarn I bought a short time ago on an earlier post from a new spinner??? Well, today it's around my neck. LOVE the colors!

What else is going on the needles? Wrist warmers.....colors more thought of to be seen in the Spring but I was thinking, when it's cold and gray outside isn't it nice to have "color" to brighten the thoughts? Well, this is all I can share about that topic as "eyes" are reading and they may find this under the Christmas tree. It's a color "outside the box" of the norm of shades of browns & blacks for this special person.....she'll be rocking these mitts while we chat and walk.

The dogs are somewhere over the East Coast when they heard son's voice over the computer on skype they ran to the front door and windows looking for him....he's afraid they won't remember him.  People shake their heads in wonder on why dogs would be sent so far and at such an expense, I'm very proud he cares so deeply and is keeping a commitment to caring for these dogs. As he puts it, "I'm not bailing on them just because my life has changed". These are two very lucky dogs....soon they'll be running the shore of a beautiful Mediterraean beach and sleeping in a villa, now that's the true meaning behind "it's a dog's life!!!".


Prairie Rose said...
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Prairie Rose said...

I am biting my nails an anticipation of their safe arrival!
Please keep us posted.
All your projects are very lovely.
I know what you mean about gauging.
Just today I wanted to knit a hat while watching a movie and didnt take the time to gauge, so know I can tell the poor thing will have to be frogged:(