Tuesday, February 15, 2011

They Wait

They are the keepers of my stash 
 Another batch of cookies in the oven, knitted flowers in the works.....

I walk past this bowl and see my yarn waiting, it comforts me seeing it. Is that weird? Is it odd that the softness and smells of animals calms me?

That a bowl full of yarn next to a chair ready and waiting brings pleasure as I walk out the door on my way to work?

Well, I suppose there are stranger things in life, some people like bugs - I love yarn.

The yarn isn't the only thing waiting for my return.........
she's so sweet, a very special dog.

We are expecting rain this week which will most certainly change our weekend plans.....not to fret, the following weekend will be "double the pleasure"  (do you remember that commercial? - then you remember gum commercials with twins) anyway, we'll be going to the desert to a great photo location (Spare Parts n Pics") on my blog page. Family members have been looking forward to escaping the mountains of snow back East so we're hoping Mother Nature will cooperate with warm temps.

While at the Wednesday knit lunch session last week a friend shared with me a top down baby sweater pattern that I've added to the "to do list" and I want to pass it along and share with you - It's called "Silver Cardigan" on Ravelry and it's a freebie.... sorry, not sure I've correctly linked, if you're interested check it out, it was sweet.

Wishing you all a great day,  if I get any new ideas, patterns, or recipes from the Wednesday knitters I'll pass them along.

As an update to all you dog lovers out there......remember when we took the dogs to L.A. airport, put them in a crate and away they flew to Sicily????? Well, take a look at recent pictures of their faces......now those are some happy campers.

You'll never see him without a ball, Never!!!  Even when he sleeps..

She seldoms rests.......too many interesting things to investigate  
 Her ears are back (she's listening in case something interesting happens and she needs to check it out)
I'm looking forward to seeing you buddy!!

Enjoy your Wednesday.....be back soon.
She's not the ball lover like her brother, she's the explorer.
She's a "special needs" girl and holds a very special place in my heart.....

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