Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fairy Princess?

Its' a fairy......a sweet lil' fairy hat.

To be worn home from the delivery......I can't wait to kiss the top of that sweet new little fairy child coming into the world.

Knit with Manos in a yummy Butterscotch & Creamy Vanilla - it stirs a candy memory with the colors but I'm at a loss as to grasp floats as something familiar but unable to remember exactly....maybe in my dreams it will return. Do you solve problems in your dreams? I's weird,,,

Back to my knitting - I'm working on a little vest (pink colors) and the next will be blue. It's a fun little pattern and I'm most excited about picking out the buttons....I love buttons, who knew that little round things could give hours of pleasure with the endless shapes, colors, history while pondering how and where to use them?

Do you have favorite buttons?
Do you have a favorite location to find them?
Do you feel like you've scored a little treasure when you take them home?

I saw a blog today and she had red buttons......great red buttons. I'd love a new pair of red shoes and red buttons....
What do shoes have to do with buttons?? Nothing, except that I am lacking both.... do you have fun red shoes?
While I wear my red shoes and finger my red buttons on a  handknit garment I'll drink from this...

my favorite red glass....

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Kara said...

I have a box my friend decorated when I was a teenager where I dump all my buttons. Gotta love that little fairy hat on a little fairy head.