Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hello Me, Hello Diane Lane

Too many hours to count and a couple of planes later, Man In Black n I are enjoying the best time ever.....EVER...have you seen the movie Under The Tuscan Sky?

The planes rides were perfect,,,,all on time.....Son was there to meet us and from the moment we walked through the customs gate I knew we were NOT in Kansas anymore.

I enjoyed watching banter between two old Italian men yelling at each other, arms waving hand gestures and speaking Italian saying who knows what but the crowd at the baggage claim who did speak the language seemed to enjoy the show and looked at each other with amusement. I would have busted out the camera first thing but since I was less than 3 minutes into the country I didn't know how my picture taking would be interpreted by the dueling Italians.

I could talk more but less move along to pictures.....
Baby Z is every bit as cute as she been seen on Skype....tiny....Sweet as a button....content as a kitten.....I think I have just met the perfect baby. I can't write more about her because my thoughts go to having to say goodbye and I just am not going to think about that today.
So, when I woke up this a.m. and went outside for the first time I had to control myself from what I'm seeing......I woke up in a movie....Under The Tuscan Sky. It's very different from's some pics....We enjoyed gelatos and went to the market and went to a location where I am unable to share the photos....let's just say I was in very special company where the Best are preforming jobs that help us all enjoy the freedoms we take so lightly....they on the other hand....stand on the wall for us all.

So, here's day's a very special place with very special people.


Prairie Rose said...

So very glad that you made it safe and sound!
We are having a real warm day here(and just got back from standing at a Farm Auction all day) so,one of those Gelattos look about perfect right now!
Enjoy all the perfect-ness and I am very jealous!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Hey Sis, really glad you guys made it without a hitch. Now you're seasoned travelers!! Keep the posts coming. I'm checking often so I can keep up with your trip. xoxo