Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Wings.....

I'm going to assume you're packed and ready.....

I'm done with the exception of throwing in my curling iron - it's my only beauty product and I'm not very good with it.

When I came home today I was surprised with a box in the mail....isn't that the best? A surprise box? With your name on it?

I wasted no time in ripping it open and inside was a very thoughtful note and these two girls -
they've now joined the group in the fairy garden and look as cute as can be along side the lambs, ducks, and hedgehogs.

A BIG thank you to Julia - my surprise fairy who sent these to me....I LOVE THEM and will think of you each and every time I'm enjoying my garden....:)

Remember I had said I thought Wag Wing (she's one of the ice cream samplers each month) would go back for more?
Well, she stopped by last night so we drove lickity split back over for another scoop and she confessed that it was her fourth!!! Yup, four times she's enjoyed this flavor. I asked why she didn't just buy a carton but she thinks she'll eat the entire thing herself if it's in the house. I've done that when I buy my favorite loaf of bread from Panera's Bakery.
I've been thinking a lot about grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato or pears....but I haven't made them. I KNOW I WOULD EAT EVERY CRUMB OF THE ENTIRE LOAF and not tell anyone it was in the house in case they wanted some too.
Have you ever hidden food you didn't want to share? A candy bar? A favorite juice?

Well, back to work folks.......oh ya, it's raining today.....I hope it rains the ENTIRE day!!

See you on the runway tarmac.

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Ragdoll Riches said...

I hide my favorite foods every week! I feel less guilty now that I know I'm not the only one!