Friday, June 24, 2011

Still stroll'n....come on along

Still have your comfortable shoes on????

Have a great weekend...I finished the patio pump but need to add the water plants before I show's not impressive but maybe you'll be interested in making one for your own backyard.
Any who..gotta run now...
Big wishes for a great weekend to everyone!! Don't ya just love the summer? So many things to do...always too little time to do them all. The knitting? Yup, I've cast on yet ANOTHER project..I know, I know..too many UFO...what can I say? This one is keeping my interest....until tomorrow my blogging something wonderful today and then tell me what it was - summer pie? tomatoes with grilled cheese? what do you eat only in summer? Is the corn on the cob great yet?

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Prairie Rose said...

(sigh) Oh, Kyle!
Simply Stunning pics!