Saturday, July 16, 2011


Last night I went to Balboa Island (Newport Beach area for those who may not have heard of Balboa before)'s a quaint little island filled with postage size property lots with charming little houses...and lots of tourists.

One small little bridge takes you to the island from Coast Highway and the other way off is by a 3 car auto ferry that'll take you over to the pier and Pacific Ocean. All the streets are narrow...the houses very cottage looking and the people inside are happy to leave their doors and windows all open so you can walk by and spy the furnishings.

There's a cute yellow cottage with wonderful little fairy gardens waiting to welcome you inside to the sweetest lady's home on one of the many Stone Named streets of this idyllic little rock.

She's lively, talented, active and has a house that will confirm everything I've just told you...let's go inside.

Remember I mentioned she loves to paint...keep that in mind as you see these pictures, any and every possible surface is a potential painting canvas in her mind....she starts the day at 6:30 am. with a quick glass of juice and then it's off to the gym...she drives a two seater bright yellow convertible, or you may see her on a bicycle around town. I'm sorry to say my camera battery died before I was able to take all the pictures I would have liked to take (what kind of photographer forgets the extra battery pack?) I know the answer to that, you don't need to tell me.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures I did manage to take...the house is as cheerful as the sweet woman who resides there....and I should mention dear friends...she 85 years old and paints daily, knits, cooks, has friends over for lunch, has slumber parties with her grandchildren....and.....she asked last night to teach her how to use a new IPhone to watch YouTube. She wants to learn a new technique of painting using resin,,,she watched the video and I'd bet my next paycheck by Monday she'll have the materials purchased and well on her way to adding resin to the five new paintings in her studio (that's just the last couple of weeks worth of painting).

I do hope to be as active, sharp, and involved in life as she is if I'm still around at 85:)  I'm off to the kitchen to cook a new looks like good one. See you tomorrow with the results and rating if it's a "do over". After that's it's off to Home Depot and then the bookstore for a Cottage Kitchen Ideas's after 8:00 p.m. now but last night's example from the octagenarian tells me I best keep a move on so I'll still be rolling in my 80's...  

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Spare Parts and Pics said...

These are GREAT photos... sharp and crisp with vivid colors for SOOC. Funny how things catch your eye. I really like the enamelware above the fireplace... great colors! Wonderful to see such zest for life at 85!!