Thursday, July 28, 2011

He drives.....she knits.....

The nice thing about traveling with Man In Black (there are several reasons but here's just one)

while he does all the driving.....and I knit for 300 miles

he stops for gas and returns with this for me to drink....

and this to eat with a wee bit less guilt because I'm washing it down with a diet soda....

he knows me well....

anyway, while he drove I knit......

and it turned into this.......
it's a little trouser jacket 6-12 month size
100% alpaca

not sure if it will fit Zoe but I'm putting it in the mail in hopes her Mommy will put it on her when it's chilly..
or even if it's warm so she'll know her Grandma is thinking about her and missing her....

This weekend I'm going to start piecing together the summer throw blanket made with the "buck a scarf" I bought from the dollar store..I do hope they don't all fall apart when I start sewing.....the fabric is pretty darn thin, maybe that's all a dollar buys these days.

Since I'm not a seamstress I'm heading to a great shopping location on Saturday in search of a couple of skirts....I saw them before we went on our trip and I hope there's something's a great store so I'm confident I'll find something. Remember last summer I said I was going to start buying dresses or skirts?

Well, I have one dress in my closet - ONE....not that I need dresses but before my legs are completely covered in spider and varicose veins and there's still definition of my knees I'd like to wear a twirly skirt.

I may splurge....if there's a couple of skirts I'm going for's not the cheapest store to shop in but the styles are so cute and I'm not getting any younger.

What are you planning for the weekend? I'm thinking about a spin on the bikes....a late afternoon walk on the beach....a picture or two for Flickr?

Remember there was something I was going to show you after the weekend?

Man In Black gave his Mom a little fairy garden of her own...he planted and picked out each figure....he even glued the tiny little blue bird to a birdbath......sweet.

Enjoy your Friday, hopefully this will be a productive weekend and I'll have a blanket to show you, some pics from the beach (a surfer or two?) and anything else that life brings my way.....see ya soon!! 

I see the peach raspberry almond bar recipe in the future too.....I'm over due to visit with an elderly neighbor down the street and she'll enjoy something sweet to eat.
Remember the 85 year old painter from Balboa Island?  She's enjoying learning about and using her new IPad...and the resin over the paintings? She's completed a dozen so far and sold one for a wedding gift on Saturday - amazing.   



Judy said...

That is sooooo cute! You and I have a lot in common...Diet Coke, York Peppermint Patties and knitting in the car.

opportunityknits said...

That teeeny birdbath with the little blue bird and that little fairy is soooo adorable.
Hope you find the cutest skirts. I know what you mean about the knees. It's happening to me already!
I had a good laugh when I read your comment about your inner 'me'. Same here. My inner me is definitely a younger Anthropologie / Ruche girly girl who wears floral spring dresses. The real me right now is wearing a black dress getting ready for my student's convocation ceremony, hoping that no one will notice my grey roots showing on my head. Yup, it's Saturday, and I have to work :)

By the way,yippee, I figured how to post comments on your blog. I have to use google chrome, but at least it works!
Have a GOOD weekend!

a view from a brown dog said...

I love this post, of course i love the giggles when reading about your skirts/inner "me" and knees, seriously you make me laugh out loud. We all have something dont we... i could go on and on but will leave it at major grey's and some sagging in several places. The sweater you cranked out is adorable, love that you made it while your hubby drove. Hope you had a nice weekend, looking forward to your flickr pics.
hugs Jen