Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

So when you've got a question about peanuts.....ask someone who's from the South.....

The answer about my boiled peanuts will be coming in the morning and I'll pass it along with the recipe for anyone who's interested in cooking some....that's with the exception of the gang in Sacramento.
I'm bringing some to the party so you can try them, hope Andi is okay with a yard full of peanut shells.

I'm going to sew the blocks together this weekend...I'm thinking it would be better to sew them before washing the's stiff and straight now and if I washed it they would be smaller and uneven in size...right? I'll look for a soft backing and a light weight batting for the inside,,,,maybe a light flannel sheet?
I'm going to keep the cost as low as possible for two, I'm feeling like these are not the times in which to spend money...secondly, these bandanas are super thin and they may fall apart the second time in the wash. It's not babyish looking but I think the colors will be interesting for Zoe to see and the design of the squiggles on the, when she's older I see this as a tent cover using all the sofa cushions off the couch while making a fort.
I remember organizing countless cardboard cases of Girl Scouts cookies in the familyroom waiting for the troops parents to come pick them up only to find the kids had "reorganized" them to build walls for a fort and shooting foam arrows at each other. I do hope these bandanas hold up....I've got all those Lincoln Logs in the attic and plastic horses to play with, Zoe, we have such fun times ahead to look forward to.... 

Have a great Friday....see you tomorrow  

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