Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thoughtless Thursday

Man In Black......

he liked the rusty wheelbarrow & wagon

he moved them to a location where the sprinklers wouldn't get them wet when they turn on tomorrow

he's thoughtful that way

it's a mystery to me how I got so lucky sharing my life with someone who is ALWAYS nice to me

he's sort of a freak of nature - how can someone always be nice????

Since today is "Thoughtless Thursday" where you post a picture for people to ponder....
I thought I'd share something nice Man In Black built for me awhile back....
He's nice and talented'd I get so lucky?

A Hanging Light Figure
Over Our Back Patio Table
Wine Bottles Holding Candles

A Home That's Always
Nice To Come Home To
Yup, My Knitting Pile Is Always At The Ready...
Have a great day friends...I'm still pondering on what to do with my rusty wagon.

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