Friday, September 30, 2011

5:00 p.m.

Well,,,,here we are again enjoying another weekend quickly approaching....

this weekend - I'm not repeating another two days of frenzy that I put myself through last Saturday & Sunday.

this weekend - I'm sewing, knitting, cooking.....and updating my blog...which brings me to the next topic:

comments....and the fact that I've been all over EVERYONE'S blog trying to visit with all of you and leave a success, I keep getting a message about "cookies" and, if anyone has had this issue please let me know how to fix it..

I'm going to go to the "help" site and hope I'll find my answer there - but please...know that I've enjoyed reading your blogs this week, your stories, recipes, pictures, crafts,,,you always leave me such nice comments and I want to do the same for you.

I found flannel at the fabric store....on sale,....super soft.....for two new camera straps.
I have a bright multi colored mixmatched patched cover on my camera strap...The Sicilian Shutterbug and his Uncle would like one a bit less eye catching.

I have a finished hat....I'm thinking it's going to be too, I'm continuing on with another type....after that one....another type....I figure with this plan one of them will have to fit while baby Zoe travels the globe. She's a lucky little baby, if she makes another trip or two I'm thinking of knitting her a sweater with "trotter" written over the planet Earth on the day....she's going to trot right through my front door and into my arms.

I'm going to do a bit of "trotting" myself soon,,,,,I've got a plane to catch next this weekend will be enjoying time at home.

I'll tell you next weekend where I'm're welcome to come along, bring a sweater, it's cooler there and hopefully we'll see "Fall"...we're going to a place where many of you live now, a place you see when you open your front doors...for me, it's a place I've longed to live. It won't happen, not ever, and that makes me  sad.

I'll post some pics and a new recipe for you tomorrow...for now, I have some knitting to do and friends to visit...see you soon.



opportunityknits said...

Sounds like the kind of weekend I would like to have :) It's nice to stay home and potter around doing stuff.
Hope you find out how to unblock the cookies or whatever you need to do. It's frustrating not being able to comment :(

Leah said...

we check your blog all the time too....makes us miss home!! no teeth yet....just major droolage goin on.

Emille said...

Hopped over from your brother's blog -actually for the cinnamon rolls - do you have the recipe on here? And when I was reading your blogname the 2nd time, I thought you must be knitting!
So what do you knit? I mostly knit hats, purses and baby blankets. Every year there seems to be a new one waiting to be born (not mine, lol!)
Had a similar problem, for the last 2 days I couldn't get to other people's blog and comment -so it's probably not your fault, but bloggers! Have a great rest of Sunday!