Sunday, November 27, 2011

1 = 3

Me, Myself, & I have been busy....

I do feel like I'm doing the activities of "three" the past few until things slow down....

The three of us are charging ahead....

We baked

We over ate

We really had a good time shopping on the internet....a bit for Christmas...a bit more for new knitting patterns

Christmas decorations clutter the hard wood floors - waiting.....enticing the's driving her crazy

I have a week's full of pictures and posts to wrap up the month of November waiting to share with you,

Man In Black..... he's been driving Me, Myself & I all around town as I scratch off my "to do list" errands (yes, I'm a huge list maker, otherwise, Man In Black would just be driving around town while I tried to remember "what it was" and "where it was" I needed to go)

He's a good sport...and driving me to the destinations is his way of thinking he's helping in the holiday preparations. He hasn't asked yet to see my "to do list" I have for him, he's's short.

There are pictures to print, cookies to bake, knitting to complete, cards to send....and on and on...

But there's no complaining this will be the most special of holidays.

There's a new little baby that's been added to our family tree, and I've already had a conversation with Me, Myself & I; that we're going to have share baby Zoe with the other family members - she's not just for me.

See you soon friends...have a great day..

I have knitting, recipes, tips (and jewelry cleaning) to share tomorrow.

Man In Black is in the car ...... two items left on the list to complete today.

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Dutch Girl said...

OH! It sounds too hectic, and it isn't even December yet!!