Sunday, November 20, 2011

54 'n Counting

I found this blooming
outside my front door on my

everything between morning
night was perfect

tried out my new
telephoto lens
with my brother
over at
Spare Parts and Pics

Enjoy your Sunday - I'm still having fun
with all my birthday


Leah said...

love downtown fullerton..I look forward to walking around with eric and zoe and snapping some photos to share with people back here in Sicily. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! Blog finally much to write about. Counting down the days til we see your beautiful faces!! Yes I said beautiful!! love you guys.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Great photos! My favorite is the last one... looks like little bubbles in the air. Downtown shot is a close second. Nicely done with your new tripod!!

Dutch Girl said...

Hey, great nighttime shots. Looks like you have a great teacher. :-)

Prairie Rose said...

So happy to see that you had such a beautiful birthday weekend!