Friday, March 16, 2012

Read Light Bright Below.......I goofed

Enjoy Your Day...
See you over the weekend..
I'm repurposing on my garage sale treasure


Prairie Rose said...

Wear it.
And wear it proud!
I do know what you mean, but we only live once, and honestly its not if you were stepping out on the town in a mini skirt and tube top (I am assuming anyhow..)
Its beautiful and I don't think its too bright.
I have know you long enough to know that you have a sunny disposition, plus its spring time, friend, own it!
(was that a good pep talk? I hope it was... ;)

Michelle Lisle said...

Hi there, I think you should wear it the colours are amazing and I love the edging. If it was me I would wear it and I'm not just saying that,it's gorgeous. I envy anyone who can knit or sew and make clothes as it's not the thing I'm the best at.

So go ahead and wear it and be proud you made something vibrant and beautiful. And thanks for visiting my blog.

opportunityknits said...

I know what you mean because I have the same feeling when I wear something that I feel would attract attention. It could be a huge flower pin (yesterday) or a red shawl (long ago at a work conference ... haha the fact that I remember it after so many years is a sign that I never got over it?). Maybe it's because I feel most comfortable in neutrals and minimal. Sometimes I think I'll stick to simple neutrals because it works. At other times, I feel like I should be braver and live a little, you know.

The colours are gorgeous. It will look great with denim. In my book, everything goes with denim :) Hope you'll have a great time wearing it!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I just love the colors. I agree, you should wear it! It's beautiful.

a view from a brown dog said...

Yes i say wear it too, it's gorgeous! I see you sporting this baby with jeans and a light colored T. You can totally pull this off :)