Monday, March 5, 2012

Temecula Ponte.....

A perfect day...

crab cakes were served outside

followed by homemade ice creams

all to be enjoyed
along side the vineyards

a perfect afternoon

spent with special people

anyone looking for a wedding location?

just a drive down the highway

I bought a couple bottles of wine and dipping oil
to enjoy at home
 we'll remember the "wonderful" all over again
next time we're together

Sunday we visited a favorite nursery...
a new fountain stole my heart

my old sink???
you guessed it....
I am totally going to copy this adorable display

Enjoy your day.....
a very special thank you for your comments
on the mini cooper
it's a few months off

I think my future holds something cute


what color???


Sherri B. said...

All of your photos are so very a magazine. I want that cool is that and don't you love the 'suds', someone is very clever! xo

Leah said...

First: Love the food pics.
Second: Love the Vineyard, DH and I want to do a "vow renewal" ceremony/reception since we never did one in the first place. This could be the spot!!
Third: LOVE THE SINK. I love all things mini, and the mini teaparty in the sink is making me go "awwwwwww!!!"
Lastly: I love all things mini. as in Mini Cooper. As in the classic Red and white. DH said he can totally see you in one.
Team Sicily sends love to all!!

Changes in the wind said...

What a great outing.....and clever the sink.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Really great shots of the winery... Almost looks like they were taken in Italy!

JuJu said...


These pictures make me want to travel. Big time! Thank you for sharing. It looks like it was a gorgeous day!

opportunityknits said...

RED too!
The vineyard is beautiful and the sink is cute!