Sunday, April 8, 2012


In January I said I wanted this new year to be "restful"... I'm one of those people who's brain is never quiet.

That's why I quiets my can't knit and purl while yarn overing and at the same time think about  " the what if's, the why not's....and I wish for's"

Home.....this will play a big part of the success of my restful year ahead.

I want to be Home, out in the yard, inside the tiny rooms that compact little structure holds....

Home...where it's quiet, birdsong, flowers, handprints in the concrete from my children, the citrus tree that holds beneath it's trunk the See's candy box with the dead bird our son carried home so tenderly at the age of five....the two rabbits of our babies childhood

Home...the place that I complain about being dusty, single pane windows allowing the door slamming from the neighbor's teenage son to penetrate my space...their barking dog Diesel who's too sweet to stay annoyed with for more than a moment or two.

Home...the place that grows deeper in my heart...the place that I say I'd sell and move from...knowing that I never would be able to follow least not until they find a way to pull up the four corners of Earth and take it all with me.   

Home...the place that my son wants to come back to...with his family....that pulls at my heart strings more than he will ever know.'s not in an upscaled neighborhood, or large and impressive, no views, no driveway for that matter.'s where my life has been spent....and I'm going to bloom where I've been planted.  

Happy Easter Everyone...Enjoy This Day  


Leah said...

I love your writing in this post.

can't wait to be home.

Katiebee said...

well said!

happy easter to you & yours!



Laura said...

This was just lovely...