Sunday, May 6, 2012

a lil'l planting n planning

summer salad planning

my favorite flower in the yard
tomorrow in the light I'll check the label
and tell you exactly what it is

I finished the baby blanket.....
I left off two more blocks because
it was getting too big
some of these came home with me

and some of these

and a few of these

all that flower shopping made us hungry...
this is a special burrito
it has a 34 year history
when MIB took the first bite in 29 years....
he said he could die...
it was the most special of lunches

soule mama shared a recipe for
cilantro n cashew dressing

it tasted better after it had chilled
doubtful it's a do over

later I did a little night photography with my brother
a bright full moon..
my pictures were beyond terrible...
so I window shopped instead

brother on the other hand
shot amazing pictures..
click on spare parts n pics
on the side bar

the weekend included a funeral..
where I reunited with a friend from 21 years ago...

and I planned my own funeral
during the service,
I figured it was as good a time as any...

our daughter celebrated a birthday....
since it was a celebration for me too
becoming a mother with her birth...

I ate quiche

birthday girl had mini assorted cupcakes..

sorry the pic is  a bit blurry..
I hear the old
canon sure shot
calling me back n hanging up the rebel


Leah said...

that burrito looks so yummy...and the cupcakes..and the quiche....

Colleen said...

It's hard to resist a pretty flower (or twelve)

JuJu said...

Wow, a burrito with history. Now, when I eat burritos, they repeat on me, but I'm guessing you don't mean that kind of history.

Other than the funeral, it looks like it was a gorgeous weekend?

24 days until June 1 and I get the story.

opportunityknits said...

That blanket is so pretty, love the colours! The pop of brown made it so special!
I've never eaten a burrito before but this one looks yummy!
I'm so intrigued that you're going to grow salad leaves! That's so cool!
Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Robin said...

wonderful post! all this in one weekend? thanks for your comment re: my dressing painting "goal." that quiche looked really great. have a nice week! --robin (variousandsunday)

Katiebee said...

reading this post made me hungry! can't wait to see what you do with all those pretty flowers~ well done on the blanket!

have a great week!


Nancy said...

Just load me up with one of each -- I'm hungry! :)

Prairie Rose said...

Beautiful flowers, yummy cupcakes Gorgeous Knit blanket and that burrito...well, I think I gained 5 pounds looking at it, but I have a feeling it would be worth it:)
So happy that you had a beautiful weekend,friend!

sherri s. said...

Wow, what a delightful(other than the funeral) weekend you had! And the blanket is fabulous! Is it from Mason-Dixon Knits? And is the blue flower borage? It's lovely...