Sunday, September 16, 2012

when soaring hot...head to the pines....

quiet...cooler....the week's stress from the workplace....gone

meet Charmaine...she's begun dealing with what many women at a certain point in life experiences..
she must go on without her spouse...
she has a wonderful old mountain cabin with two outbuildings (adorable inside & out) and has begun the process of taking steps to put it on the market for sale.. hard to let go and be brave to open our lives up to unknown changes...

there was fishing (by an employee of a concrete company while his coworkers poured)
since we were in the mountains.....bears...even baby bears on the buildings
music...(sounds and tunes of Puff The Magic Dragon) while we walked the streets
ice cream
the perfect temps while enjoying the wonderful smell of pine trees
neighbor visiting and taking in her overly invitingly decorated front porch...the inside
an explosion of apple decorations and walled covered photos of the grandchildren at each and every stage of life - very sweet....just like "grandmas house" should be
flowers blooming from unexpected that

and for Charmaine...a secret desire that she could be "a biker girl" when we saw
the saloon...I told her inside...."could be her beer bellied babe waiting"...she didn't go in...
she said she's not that brave yet

enjoy your day....for me??
well,when I got home last night at was still 88 degrees..

I'm staying inside today and watching movies next to the air conditioner....knitting....
it may say Summertime baking outside but I say it's Fall from my familyroom sofa.

see you soon....I'm finishing up a change I made on the giraffe...and knitting a sweater...and a hat...
all at the same wonder I have a hard time getting to 100%....oh well...
you'll forgive me right?

someone's idea of a mountain home....over the top....


JuJu said...

Oh, I'm so craving a mountain trip after reading this. We go to western NC, about four hours from here. I need to get there.

I love that boat with the flowers, how creative! And that fish is the ugliest pretty ever!

Bless your friend and I hope the next step of her journey will be filled with happiness.

GREAt weekend!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

That looks like a fantastic little cabin, and it will probably sell quickly! Hey, does that catfish have teeth??

Mereknits said...

Beautiful photos, wishing your friend courage as she navigates through this tough time.

Sherri B. said...

I have said a prayer for your dear friend Charmaine and have added her to my prayer list.

We are having it hot here too...well, hot for us and for this time of year. No A/C though..and I have been itching to do some baking.

Your photos are beautiful and the lake looks so inviting.

Have a great week, my dear. Your kids are coming soon, I you are getting anxious! xo

Prairie Rose said...

What a great trip!
Love the cabins and the cute coziness of the town.
Looks like a nice place to just take a deep pine scented breath and eat some good food!