Friday, January 24, 2014

happy friday all…..

my camera has been sitting along side the chicken "treat" bag all week…..collecting dust….

racing home for a brief twenty minutes (just long enough to let the dogs relieve themselves and the chickens to flap their wings up and back the run) and then it's back to work before the lunch hour is over…..all week long….

I skipped last night's after dinner walk thinking I'd set up the sewing machine and begin the banner…..

well, guess what….

the machine never made it out of the closet….

I should know by now that I'm just NOT an evening type person…..

when the sun goes down…so do I……

my "mission" this weekend is a long one (including sewing the banners) so here's to hoping it's a productive weekend…..

what do you have going????

we'll see a movie tonight…..

projects around the house and time out riding bikes over the next two days….

new shelves to paint….

Valentine activities…..

and just like the ending of a cartoon…..

that's all for now….the end

I'll see you Sunday with my completed bandana chicken coop banner and baby sack hat…..

and pictures from the view of the seat on my bicycle!!!    …….. hello ocean!!!!

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Mereknits said...

Hello ocean? Oh my gosh I am so cold right now I am not venturing near the Gulf of Mexico. I can only imagine the wind coming off the water. Lovely pictures of your babies.