Wednesday, January 1, 2014


hello friends…..

how's the new year going so far?

the girls and I want to wish you a great year ahead….

isn't it weird how 365 days comes to an end with a thought of "good bye, I'm ready for it to end"..

and then wishing that the next year will be clear sailing and problem free???

silly really to make those wishes….

it's not how the world turns….

seems most everyone I talk with is glad to see the year ending….

and upbeat and positive about the coming months ahead…

I'd include myself in that group….

the best part of all of this?

it's all ahead….all yet to unfold…..

we're standing in front of a huge blank movie screen and the opening music has just begun…..

enjoy this next year of your life….

how can it not be a fun time ahead when I have these chicks to keep my day entertained?

I'm going back out into the world today….after watching a stupid amount of time over the New Year Day watching The Walking Dead…..I can honestly tell you…..I don't need to watch anymore….

let's get this new year started…..see you tomorrow…..


Mereknits said...

Aren't you so gorgeous holding those girls. I love how the New Year lets us start over with a clean slate, it feels lovely doesn't it?

Robin said...

Love your post, and what a beautiful picture of you. I agree, let's fill our blank canvas with great things this year. Here's to health, happiness, and peace.

wagwinggarden said...

Happy New Year to you and your family...The chicks have gotten so big>>>>Have to say that's a GREAT picture of you and the girls. On to the new year and what lies ahead

JuJu said...

Happy Love and Chickens!