Friday, March 14, 2014

must complete….

the days continue to pass quickly,
which is causing me anxiety with the approaching departure of April 1st

Steve's been great in helping me with the projects (painting the table red, figuring out a fire ring base, I'm hoping he'll build me a corral for my thrift store pony….while knit a horse blanket for it)

who does this? seriously, taking stuffed toys and petticoats camping?

the Facebook chatter has been lengthy and the texting about "what time will we leave?, who's going?what time do we want to arrive? will we meet Julie? if we do, than Sue will be there and that leaves out Tricia so let's meet Bonnie so Tricia and Sue and Laurie will all be together"

I laughed so hard reading the long list of text to Steve while he was trying to go to sleep
 he said it sounded like an episode of I Love Lucy…

when everyone arrives…there'll be 170 women with their trailers ready to party, eat, shoot, ride, dance, sing, play ukuleles, laugh, drink, you name it…it will be there….

so my weekend list that needs completing by Sunday @ dusk in preparation of this trip?

1. Clean out the trailer (too much stuff I don't use and need the space for all my dress up clothes!!!)
2. Buy ammo for my BB gun
3. Buy a petticoat
4. Find decorations for my dessert on Wednesday night I was assigned to bring when we get there
    (Rice Crispy treats will be perfect..easy to wrap and transport…and no cooking required)…
    I need something cute in the packaging dept…something cowboyish and fun
5. Start another batch of Limencello
6. Get Steve's pocket speaker for my IPod…..
    because as we ride out on horseback on Thursday morning…..
    I'm going to have the theme song from Bonanza playing from my saddle….

see these cowboys….they'll be riding with me too… added bonus….

these are some brave cowboys who are surrounded by 170 single women….
who's in the middle???
Christina…my sister on the fly from Oroville…I LOVE her….I wish she were closer to home...
she's the one who is making all this possible with camping in this location because her friends….


ok, back to my list….

7. figure out any possible raffle gifts…there's a raffle that benefits a cancer recovery program thru         SOTF organization
8. find a dessert recipe for my cast iron cooking class on Friday….
9. knit my thrift store pony a blanket with V6 on the side….
10. buy some moonshine….heard the "Apple Pie Shine" is good with cider
11. go to See's candy….for cigars….
     some Sisters light up the real deal…this Sister is opting for chocolate

that should just about fill up the weekend….along with Mom, Zoe, Eric & Leah, Jaclyn and Gwen all in and out over the next two days….

and chicken time….oh how I do love my chicks….

night night all….lots to do, so I'll grab a rest and then, let the good times roll as another day begins


Mereknits said...

You sound very busy and very excited. What a fantastic trip.
Hugs to you,

A View From A Brown Dog said...

Sounds like a lot is going on over there. I'm excited for your trip. You mentioned Bonnie, wonder if that's my Bonnie?