Wednesday, March 12, 2014

there's been a flurry of activity and a very long string of texts……

all in preparation for the next camping trip with my Sisters On The Fly….

four nights of dress up planned…

B.B. gun competition…..(a patch for each as our reward)

horseback riding and cast-iron cooking…..(more patches….this is really important to those of us who missed out on Blue Birds and Girl Scouts in our younger years)….no mean girls either in "Sisters"

all taking place on a 22,000 acre working cattle ranch in the heart of California…..

there'll be silliness, food, music, adorable vintage trailers each decorated to reflect it's owner's charm…

I'm trying to figure out how to build a small corral in the front trailer basket for my thrift store pony…..

while most campers pack firewood, lanterns and such….we've been discussing petticoats and cigars….

this weekend I'll take some photos of my outfits so you'll see what I'm talking about..

for now, here's the glamour that Auntie Jac surprised Zoe with when she revealed the contents of her purse…..

oh my, Auntie Jac didn't notice the bursting excitement inside this little two year old….

nor did she realize each and every time these little hands and toes will be hoping for a fresh coat of paint….

well, Zoe didn't realize either……

that Auntie Jac is exactly the perfect person to learn all about glamour -

                                              there'll always be a purse full of polishes for Zoe
                                       and Auntie Jac will include each and every finger and toe

and the Dummies book?…..mine….trying to learn somethin' about somethin…..

most likely my computer...

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Prairie Rose said...

EEEeeekkkkk! Cute little fingers and toes
looking like they need lots of kisses!