Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I went to bed last night sore….

as in REALLY sore….

mind, body and soul….

so that told me I had a really great weekend…

I did…

and after seeing the bruise on the backside of my upper arm, the bruise and scratch on my shin…

it's a good thing the weekend is over…..

there was so much activity that included ladders, bike rides and over eating I need to rest at my desk for a couple of days….

there only my brain is busy….

tonight there's a quick graduation party where we'll make a brief appearance and then I'm hitting the pavement with my tennis shoes and try to walk off the chips and salsa, rocky road ice cream and Trader Joes' bag of jelly beans (I ate the entire bag in a single day…..every single one…ugh)..

oh, I forgot 'bout the onion rings Mom and I enjoyed during the movies….(that will require twice the distance tonight walking)

speaking of movie watching….I recommend watching "August: Osage County" and "Philomena"..

I enjoyed them both and so did Steve (he didn't want to watch "August Osage County" since he doesn't care for Julia Roberts)…but he joined Mom and I and we all agreed….it was a good movie..

I laughed so hard at the "eat the fish" scene….and promised Mom no matter how old she gets….
I'll never scream at her like that…that must have been a fun day of filming for that scene…

there's a beautiful bouquet of roses blooming outside the door, the dust is gone from my heavy housecleaning (I think somewhere in that process came the bruising), Zoe played her first game of "Fishin'", Leah and I made plans for the Farmers Market and vintage shopping.
Gayle may want to come along and join us?

and….. I forgot to show her the poncho pattern…oops..

note to self….call Pam and set out the poncho pattern….today we'll get the tickets for Portland…

at least that's the goal….walk off the onion rings and buy a couple of plane tickets…

I should be able to handle that?

so I'm out the door after eating a bowl of my favorite breakfast cereal from Trader Joes…
a quick sniff from the blooming bouquet and the knitting bag in hand for some lunch hour crafting…

I'm ready for the world…..

have a great day….

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Mereknits said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend.
Love the knitting.