Saturday, May 3, 2014

the week ended on a heat wave…..

thankfully it's turning the corner and cooler days are coming….

good thing, I'm out of summer clothes and discovered yesterday afternoon…..

I gave away every single pair of shorts I owned to the Goodwill….
(figuring that would force me to go to the mall and buy some new ones)

so off to the department store in search of new colors, styles and sizes that fit….

life is good …. I've been spending time at home in the tomato garden,  collecting eggs daily,
a lunch hour with friends during the week, and declining a whirlwind weekend day with others…

why would declining a full day with friends be a good thing?
because it involves traveling, food, shopping, more traveling, more food and then….more shopping…

I'm redirecting my life…..I'll still have plenty of days with friends, food and shopping….but it "feels" like at this time…I need time at home….hours spent unplanned….hours spent with Mom quietly sleeping on the sofa while the t.v. volume is higher than needs to be….the sewing machine on the table surrounded by long waiting projects, Steve moving in and back out the screen door to the yard repairing, replacing, and creating in our little plot of Earth….

I felt such a sense of relief while my phone continued to chirp for hours while a "group conversation" of friends planned, revised, and extended an entire days activities through texting….

relieved because I declined their invitations…..relieved knowing that while there will most certainly be great fun, hearty laughing, amazingly good food, treasures hauled home to fill their homes…..

my day will be spent quietly unplanned…the hours will unfold without expectations….
there'll be no "new/old" stuff filling the spaces of my already overly crowded rooms….

and I'll look forward to hearing about their adventures…..myself, well rested….

and likely more content than my frazzled, over shopped, over traveled, and weary friends…..

for today…."live simple"……

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Mereknits said...

I love a day when I can be at home pittering and pattering about. It feels like my safe place and I love it.
Hugs to you,