Sunday, July 6, 2014

it's been restful….

the shades have been pulled down….

the air conditioner running…

the beach crowds were left behind….

traded for movie watching at the theater and the comfort of the sofa….

the energy of the weekend displayed by an explosive start on the 4th….

with the remaining days intentionally kept quiet and close to home…..

salads…..eggs…..cucumbers and too many tomatoes will be seen on the dinner plates every night in the coming week….

tortilla wraps, key lime martinis, birthday cake and celebrations fill the calendar of July….

road trips, reservations, and new movie releases….
are all part of the picture for this summer….

and the beach???….
well, the crowds will all go back home taking their souvenirs and sunburns with them -
my bike and I, an order of greasy salted strips and flip flops will enjoy another day after the summer crowds have enjoyed their turn...

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