Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the sore throat and coughing continues…..

but it's getting better….

talking seems to bring on a fit of coughing, but the nice thing about this little illness?

I've kept it all to myself….no family members or coworkers have battled this little bug like I am….

it's been musical beds the last couple of weeks so Steve can get a decent nights sleep….

the best night sleep?….

in Steve's childhood bedroom visiting family in Sacramento where we both slept until 9:00 a.m…

we looked at each other in shock and thought we were in a Twilight Zone episode…. neither one remembering when we'd slept so late….

this week I plan to search out containers, clippers, rubber bands, twist ties, and all things handy to organize and store in my kitchen drawer….

my Mother-in-law lives in Sacramento and has the most amazing house…
anything and everything can be found under her roof….there isn't a corner or rafter that hasn't held a childhood toy or kitchen shelf where you wouldn't find a treasured trinket….

…. photos line the walls, well worn recipe books on pantry shelves, crocks filled with favorite cooking utensils, beds dressed with lace trimmed sheets…

the refrigerator door sprinkled with pictures of smiling faces and news that in the coming months there'll be less uncovered space filling it with newborn photos and handprints…

I left inspired to go home and clean, organize my kitchen drawers to match hers, shop for pretty bedsheets, print and frame pictures I've been putting off….

to search for the perfect hanger to display the silly Jr. High gym shorts she gave me worn by my husband (who by the size of them weight 18 pounds in school) …..

when it's time to say goodbye you'll likely have a gift she's sent home with you…

hand stitched, neatly folded, long treasured…..Steve's Grandmothers vintage linens…..

and I've been thinking how best to display them…..

and wondering?….

when people come to my house….do they feel like they've come home????

not home as in a place where they grew up…..

but Home as in a place of comfort,  were a tired body can rest and get a good nights sleep?

a place where you wish was closer and you could spend more time to be inspired…..

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Leah said...

i think of you and your house when i think of home!! i love your house...speaking of which i feel like i haven't been in forever. I miss you guys!!