Wednesday, July 30, 2014

this week:

I've enjoyed a conversation with my son
listed my camping trailer for sale
started a new knitting project
discovered a new food item from Trader Joe's
pondered what to plant when the tomatoes are pulled out
made travel plans for years from now when Pam and I are enjoying our 60's
watched a breaking news report of a police shooter suspect evade the authority
ate chocolate donuts, ice cream and soda
had a red-light conversation with an elderly man who loved my Jeep….
(he drove a 1968 vintage yellow something? that I would have purchased in a heartbeat)
read some favorite blogs
visited with a friend who's battling a diagnosed terminal brain cancer
wore my new gold feather earrings…Leah you will like them
and wondered why the police just don't taser the suspect loser and let him fall down the hillside

he's young and can bounce….he may hit a rock or two on the way down

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