Thursday, August 7, 2014

a couple of work days to finish up and then we're off on a road trip…
hubby is a quiet guy….steady as a rock and as kind as they come…
so when he tells me there's something he'd like to do…
well, he moves to the top of the list and I'll make it happen…

and I'll be leaving this list of household chores waiting..

there'll be bedding to wash
baking to do
broody hens to pamper
a tangle of tomatoes to harvest
garden beds in need of cleaning
a coop waiting for rose petals
bird feeders left dry from feathered friends who've likely moved elsewhere
an overly dry side yard in need of attention
a new book to read or yarn to knit
the constant layer of dust from dry California living
a five dollar yard sale table waiting for paint

all these will wait...

as hubby enjoys some down time….
he's tired and needs to rest

if anyone deserves it….he most certainly does

1 comment:

Vera said...

Have fun on your weekend adventure! Your tomatoes look WONDERFUL. Can't believe you sold Ariel!!!