Sunday, August 24, 2014

a recent trip to a thrift store netted a couple of $1.99 scarves…
a cold water hand wash in the kitchen sink, drying from a wooden hanger out on the back porch..
and then folded and ready for wear when the season changes…

I'm keeping positives thoughts for Fall weather..
thoughts that it will in fact arrive….with something other than more heat..

the weekend's already half over..,so far

the dogs have been doing exactly what dogs do in August..
an afternoon napping..
or in this case, entire month napping

another thrift store find
enamelware oversized mug set..
perfect for pork & beans
 scarves and campfires..

I did get Ariel the trailer cleaned out and hubby repaired the burn damage to the stove top..
in all my excitement of cowboys and cattle ranch camping last February..
I merrily danced in cowboy boots and nightgown cooking the potatoes inside the trailer while others baked muffins and fried bacon..
I scorched the entire third of the stove top while Jenni and I discussed the pleasures of homegrown eggs and Sister Sue continued in and out of her trailer while the smoke alarm screamed from the bacon…

it was quite impressive the size of the content pile that came out of that tiny trailer when I unpacked..
half came home - the remaining dumped on the mattress top inside Pork & Beans for another day..

my ideas and decisions are so far ahead of being able to start cleaning and decorating..
it must remain on hold until the entire trailer exterior is removed, repaired, sealed and repainted…

before this day ends the kitchen garden will be cleared…
since I put it in writing…that means it will happen, right?
the tomatoes have flourished and we've enjoyed the bounty..
but dried, overgrown and crunchy stems are all that remain..
and a few small tomatoes still ripening on the top branches…
two plants will be left for a bit longer since I'm not completely ready to let go of Summer...

the others..
uprooted. soil turned and the chickens turned out to finished the cleanup…

a walk to the market when they open this morning and I'll return with a can of Deviled Ham..
Mom and I are looking to create the most delicious tasting ham salad spread like that sold at an old family run market in the Midwest..
generations of a single family have owned this market as far back as anyone can remember…and the line will soon end
perhaps it already has…we'll know in October when we travel back when Mom visits home again..

thanks to Food Network there's a recipe that sounds might be just the ticket for filling our white bread sandwiches with goodness…

so friends..I'm off to start the day..
hubby is resting and repaired my bike's flat tire so perhaps there's a ride in my future soon…

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Amy at love made my home said...

I love your coffee pot and the mugs, what a great find!!! xx