Friday, November 7, 2014

well isn't Mother Nature annoying this week?….

she cranked up the heat to 91 degrees yesterday and drove me directly under the air conditioner vent at work, and changed my plans of chicken coop cleaning at noon….

being the last day of the work week and casual Friday, today will bring relief regardless of the Summer heat….

during our drive back home last weekend we spotted an oversized insect….

one that would stop your heart if you actually came across it and it moved…

do you see something on the roof of the shed???

wanna go closer?

how fast would you run if it started crawling your direction?

ha ha… fooled ya…

now don't you want to go thrifting for a little Weber Kettle barbeque and some plumbers PVC pipe and build one for next Halloween?

well, you have a year so no rush….

have a happy Friday..