Saturday, May 1, 2010

best of intentions

Well, it's a few days later than I had told you I would blog - sorry about that...but I'm here to make up for it now:

I've attached a few pictures that you may find interesting - the blanket is made with 15 skeins for Manos for my husband,each block is a different color and knit in a different stitch to hold my interest. I just finished it in time for the weather to exceed 75 degrees, so it's placed on the back of the sofa waiting until Thanksgiving when there may be a 50% chance the weather starts to cool - Southern Calif. living...

The little shed is in my backyard, the photo taken in the morning when the weather was cool and damp and the birds arriving to the feeders. I've planted Sweet Peas this year along the patio, I love the look of them reaching for the old hanging windows surrounding the edges. I went up to Venice today - hit three yarn shops, all each with their own treasures, purchased a little bit at each one. Two of the shops had friendly service from their employees, the third should pay attention (the owner was working the register so I can't say it was her employees, I think this shop is still riding on the coat tails of the original owner/author who put this shop on the map), I waited as long as I felt was reasonable than left the shop with my attempted purchase behind on the counter, maybe the next customer will have more patience -but with other great yarn shops out there - who wants to waste time with poor service?

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a view from a brown dog said...

I am happy to see you dropped in and LOVE the pictures, they are really great! Your Hubbys blanket is beautiful. I love the colors you chose and it's nice to see Annie the official of "lap dog knits" as well. Kyle, the pics of your yard are awesome! I can totally see relaxing with a glass of iced tea and listening to the visiting birds. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.