Saturday, July 3, 2010

Camels In Door County???? Whaaaat????

Oh, it was a wonderful parade. People riding floats, a clown, dogs dressed in their finest, children running to claim the fallen pieces of candies tossed out for them as the fire truck went slowly by. But then, the crowd came alive!! Ellison Bay had a camel (Harley) walking squarely down the center of the main street....He was truely a sweetheart, and for a bit of ice cream he'd do just about anything so the townfolk could have their picture taken with him. The llama was the silent sidekick who seemed to neither want ice cream nor be bothered with possible photo opps.

Since this little blog is my creation and I don't have control over what happens to pictures I share, I'm going to show only those that will protect any and all who may not wish to have their faces splashed across the internet - too bad really, they are quite a handsome couple.... So, here's Harley, the hit of Ellison Bay!!!!!

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Prairie Rose said...

That is so neat!
Here in southern Idaho,around Christmas there is a Camel that is borrowed for a light display,and it is encouarged to bring carrots to feed him.
He is nothing but a big baby!