Thursday, July 8, 2010

Goats & Farmers Market = Fun!!!

Before I update you on today's events,I wanted to show one more picture from Door County...the goat looks like he's in a tree, right??? A couple more relaxing in the sun on the sod, right???? Well, this is on a roof of a really cool restaurant. How fun is that? Every day they walk the goats up a staircase, leave them up there for the day eating the grass hanging out relaxing to the enjoyment of the tourists on the sidewalks below. Fun, fun, fun, I love a sense of humor.

On to the farmers market after work....lots of beautiful fruits and vegetables to select from, but sadly, no rhubarb. I was told it is a Fall harvest vegetable and I'd have to wait, so, off to the grocery store this weekend and hope they have some? Possible? I love the purple bell pepper, how pretty is that? Love the cherries, strawberries to top my oatmeal in the morning, peaches for Husband's lunch, potatoes I'm eating as I type this. Celery, just because I love to eat celery, maybe add some to onions/peppers/garlic/basil, saute with tomatoes and serve over pasta - little fresh cheese grated - yum. I was short on time while shopping with a friend so I will have to wait until another visit to the market to snap a picture. Music, crafts and beer garden are all part of the farmers market. Have a great evening, keep your fingers crossed for me on the hunt for rhubarb, if it's out there I'll find it. Just hope it doesn't require a road trip to Idaho.


Prairie Rose said...

Thank you so much for posting the goat pics.
I grew up on a goat farm,and I miss their dear little faces!
Rhubarb? A FALL produce.Wow.That seems very strange to me,because up here it is a late spring/early summer crop.
Isn't it funny how distance wise we arnt really that far apart but are growing seasons are very differnt.
Your Farmers Market finds look very delicious!
Those cherries look so yummy and that lovely purple pepper!!!

a view from a brown dog said...

The goats are great! Wow that is a roof, interesting. What a wonderful trip it looks like you had. Let me know when you are going back to the market and maybe we can meet up. Grab a beer and some fresh summer yummies? Call me

My Sterling Shot said...

Hi LDK, did you find the rhubarb? Is my pie coming in the mail? If it doesn't I may have to try my hand at my own strawberry-rhubarb pie cus I can't stop thinkin' about it. Luv ya.