Friday, July 16, 2010

Saturday Wedding Fun!!!

How fun it is to see young people start their lives together as husband and wife. Everything is still in front of them, all the 1st's....home, babies, cars, vacations, picking out furniture, managing incomes, etc.... along the way life will throw them a curve or two, some curves may lay them flat, but how lucky to go through life with a buddy when the road gets tough. I have a fun dress to wear, the weather will be hot, hot, hot. It's a late afternoon wedding so it will be perfect, daughter said the dress looks like Lemonade/Strawberry, perfect for a fun afternoon wedding. The bride is as sweet as she is beautiful, added bonus for me, she's now my neighbor too.

I've made a decision this morning - I'm going to shop for dresses....lots of dresses. Fun dresses, summery dresses, fluffy dresses, print dresses, I will never be this young again and I think I should spend time in dresses. Husband likes dresses, he points out dresses and says "that's a nice dress" and I always say "maybe next time I'll buy myself a dress". Well, next time just arrived, I like dresses, will I look better in that summery dress when I'm in my sixties? Probably, keep your eye on this blog - I see pictures of dresses posted in the future. What I'm really thinking is breaking out the old sewing machine, these dresses are such a simple line and gathering - maybe find one pattern that really works and make a dozen dresses???? People would say, there's that person with the same dress in a different pattern. Isn't that what Lucy Ricardo did? This is the perfect time of year for dress shopping - I hear the mall calling to me to come on my lunch hour today ------- saleslady this is your lucky day.

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a view from a brown dog said...

HaHAha You are so funny and yes you would look lovely in a dress! Happy shopping my dear friend and hooray for thinking about breaking out the sewing machine again.