Monday, July 19, 2010

Yikes.....I hate those dressing room mirrors!!

Well, I could blame it on the mirrors but let's be honest here - I'm not looking like I think I do in my head....a combination of 9 dresses and skirts and they all looked bad. Some to small, some to big, one too short, all not for the body of someone in her fifth decade of life. Don't misunderstand, I'm not shopping in the Junior's Department. I look fine in vests, fun winter jackets, long sleeved tee's, I'm just living in the wrong location - Alaska fits my body style perfectly.
Will I exercise to loose those flabby wings? Do crunches for tone abs? If you know me at all you know the answer - that's a NO. I will go for 3 mile walks without hesitation, peddle the beach cruiser around "the hood", but go sweat at a gym so I can wear that sleeveless 30 something styled for the "Wifes of the O.C." blouse, nope, I'm just not that motivated. I'll pass on the desserts, eat salads, and wait until cooler weather. If I find a nice knee length summery dress that doesn't fit in the "moo moo" catagory I'll add it to the closet.

Enjoy your day - knitting news coming soon, I'm finishing up a Christmas gift and then on to a very cute pair of baby denim pants for a baby boy due in November.

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Prairie Rose said...

I know what you mean.
I HATE jean shopping,I will literally put it off till I am wearing jean rags.
I do hope that the moment you least expect it,you will find the most delightful and lovely dress:)
I had to chuckle when you said that your body was made for clothes to wear in Alaska,I have said something similer so many times.
If only I could live in a place where jeans and sweaters and tennis shoes were 'hip'.