Monday, August 23, 2010

Pink Bubble Gum - Flavor of the Month

Yes, it's that time again - another trip to Baskin Robbins for the flavor of the month.

Pink bubble gum flavored ice cream with chunks of bubble gum to chew long after the cone is long gone.

The only thing about this great idea of ice cream is that anyone younger than 8 years old runs a good chance of choking on the frozen cubes of bubble gum. If they can manage to squirrel the bits into the corners of their cheeks, it's still tricky eating the cone without getting the gum included with the cone in the munching.

The ice cream employee told me he's still trying to figure out the best way to eat it and shared that most people seem to be opting for a small cup to hold the chunks of gum and when the ice cream is gone, the handful of gum is tossed into the mouth to enjoy for the next 30 minutes - after that it's pretty much lost all flavor of bubble gum.

I was given a description of September's ice flavor - yummy sounding, something with honeycomb and caramel, the employee said it was his favorite.

Bonus - the ice cream sales man remembered me. He asked "aren't you the one who is sampling each Flavor of the Month and won't order anything else, even if it doesn't sound good?". I was flattered he remembered - my Mother quickly pointed out to me that there probably aren't many people coming in for a cone with this same game plan.

Mom was very pleased with her selection of Banana Nut and WagWingGardens enjoyed a wonderful looking scoop of Real Strawberry. Both prefer to have their frozen treats in a cup, mine is always in a sugar cone. I do have to say, I saw the ice cream employee making some pretty awesome looking fresh waffle cones right off the iron. Smelled wonderful.

Have a good week everyone - it's going to be a cooker here in Southern California, I'm sure before long we'll be seeing smoke in the air, we can never go through a summer without some part of the state burning down in the process. God Bless those firemen.

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Prairie Rose said...

hmmm,a seperate cup to spit the frozen pieces of bubblegum in to.
Um,yeah,no thanks.
You are a brave gal!
I love the smell of fresh waffle cones!
I can always tell a ice cream shop makes their own as soon as I walk thru the door by the smell!
Have a great day!