Friday, August 27, 2010

Granddogs Come For A Slumber Party

I do have grandchildren, only mine are a very special variety....they all have four legs. Our son will be leaving to live in Sicily in the next few days to work for the Air Force and we'll be taking care of his dogs for awhile until they can join him. We already have two dogs, one Dalamation and Lpa Dog and a house cat, add to that a couple of Pit Bulls (Klaus and Margo) and we've got a house of wagging tails, wet noses, and eagerness from them all to be as close as possible in all activities we've got going on. As I write this I turn to look around me, it's just too sweet, bodies all across the room sleeping but I know if I so much as get up to walk anywhere I'll have at least 16 paws following me. It's tricky getting into the bathroom alone, if I close the door I know they're right on the other side waiting for me....they are all too sweet. All are so polite at feeding time, knowing the dalamation is the Alpha dog they never try to get samples from her dish, Lap Dog always eats so darn sloooooooow that she gets to eat on the sofa taking her sweet time, the Klaus and Margo seem to like to graze on their dry food dishes and the cat is ready to eat anytime, anywhere, and anyone else's food. It makes me so sad that Pit Bulls have been so abused and the breed damaged. My son's dogs are male and female. It is not recommended to have two of the same sex of this breed. He researched the Pit Bull breed and read training books on this type of breed. They are in fact a "bully breed", I won't deny this, you must raise these dogs with a strong "Alpha" in the pack and that is my son. They love him with all their heart, however, they watch other men differently than women - THEY LOVE WOMEN!!! They would be the perfect dogs for a woman, wonderful watch dogs because they are scary looking but have hearts of large loving labs. They stay very close to me, more than my husband, they love him too but they seem more interested in my activities. Sleeping with that's another story, they not only want to sleep with you, they insist on sleeping on top of you!!! Solid muscle and heavy bone, it's like having concrete on you and their dead sleeping weight it's very hard to get them off. I'll enjoy having them with us for the next month, they'll miss my son but I know they are comfortable with me and someday these knucklehead dogs will be enjoying living in Sicily. I guess the phase "lucky pup" really applies here. I just laugh when I think of the adventure that awaits them.

The knitting continues, slowly, it's too hot, no other reason than it's just too darn hot. I'm plugging along but it's so slow that I really can hardly count a single row or two in the course of a day. I'm working on a jiffy dish cloth for my sink, I make them and give them away and mine look terrible, I can crank these out in no time at all. Have a great day - I have an updated post coming tonight or tomorrow, this one's been pending for a few days waiting for the "publish post" button.

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a view from a brown dog said...

whoohoo puppy dog kisses! Love em. Oh gosh you do have a house full of fun. Times is going by so fast seems like we just spoke of him leaving.... AND knitting well I have been trying to make slow progress but between work and the heat it is a challenge. We are going to the lake next month to check on our place would be super fun if it was the same time you all were there.