Friday, August 13, 2010

Unbirthday Gift To Me........

My birthday is months away.....but when I saw this on a blog, I knew I couldn't wait and risk it would all be sold out and unavailable!!!!

Now, keep in mind, I don't knit socks (at least not yet). It was the tumbler cup next to the sock pattern and yarn that caught my eye. The blog writer asked if any of the readers were familiar with a pottery company in Kentucky named Hadley Pottery. Familiar? I was raised eating my first bowl of cereal out of a cow bowl and dinner off the house plate, I can spot Hadley from 100 feet (with my glasses on of course), so when I spied the blue dish with kindergartner artwork I zeroed in on the details of what the blog writer was selling.

The Loopy Ewe sells kits that they put together and this one is for their anniversary of the store (more Hadley kits to follow at a later date).

Well, I ordered the "must have" sheep cup with adorable knitted socks and will tuck the beautiful yarn (great color "Joy In The Morning") mix of merino wool, cashmere and nylon and add it to my future projects shelf. I said I wasn't going to buy more yarn this year, I would use what I already have, but the Hadley threw that plan right out the window. This cute little cup is a "special order only" available when ordered with the sock & yarn pattern. Hadley Pottery has joined with The Loopy Ewe for custom pottery pieces - no two will be alike as each is handpainted by different artists.

Do I need another piece of Hadley pottery??? No, No, & No.

I couldn't wait to tell my Mom about the pending treasure in the mail on it's way to my door step and the first thing she tells me is "I want it!!". So, for the last few days I've been enjoying my sheep cup knowing that when I next see my Mom I'll hand over the cup, will I miss this pottery, probably not. As you can see I have no shortage of Hadley and there's more that's not even in the picture..... So.... Mom will enjoy her new tumbler cup and I'll knit up my first pair of socks,

P.S. There's a Hadley Knitting Bowl in the design stages so more coming my way down the line. I give Mom one piece of Hadley; she's given me 150 pieces of pottery!!!! I need to fill her sock drawers full to even come close to the amount of Hadley she's shared with me!!! I have a very cute bunny cup to hold me over until the bowl is ready....

Enjoy your weekend everyone


wagwinggarden said...

how cute is that cup...enjoyed catching up with your blog....look forward to more

Prairie Rose said...

Oh,Lap Dog!
LOVE that color of yarn!
And the pottery is GORGOUS!
Thank you for the name of the book where I can find the 'Bunny Hat'!
I look forward to making it at some point.
Have a great weekend!