Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hello, hello, hello,

so sorry for the time between my last blog, I had every intention of posting over the weekend and here we are on Wednesday evening.......

well, here's the salsa I promised to share, my Mom and Nephew both requested some of Husbands wonderful salsa so he came through and made a bowl full on Sunday. Yes, it's every bit as good as it looks,

Well, before I show you what I created, I wanted to share with you what Lap Dog was creating while I sat and enjoyed quiet time knitting ----- she was so pleased with her work and was so excited to show me what she had been working on in my knit room.

I am having a good time making some baby shower gifts. I truly believe things come into your life when they are needed and again this hobby has carried me through another difficult time of life. I believe this will end with answered prayers so not to worry anyone, I'm not, just knitting along until this difficult time passes. I'm going to share a few of the hats that will be given at a shower next month, more are on the needles but I'm saving some so they stay a surprise until after the shower - after that day, all will be posted.
Enjoy the pictures, I'm wishing everyone a good week and plenty of time in your day to pursue the activities that bring you pleasure....balance folks, that's the goal.


Prairie Rose said...

That Salsa looks SO yummy!
I will be over in a minute with a bag of chips;)
Your Hats are so CUTE!
I feel so silly posting my simple little things compared to your masterpieces!
My favorite is the bunny hat!
Where did you get your pattern for that?
I know what you mean about "knitting thru the hard times".
Although,I am not struggling thru cancer,I had a miscarriage last spring.
Through the rest of the year,depression hit me like a brick wall.
I knitted my way through.
Gods blessings to you,my dear,I will keep you in my prayers!

a view from a brown dog said...

These hats are precious! SO cute!!! I love love love the bunny. Wonderful Kyle. As always you are in my thoughts I hope the days smooth out soon for you and your family