Monday, September 13, 2010

The Clearing Continues

Well, the bread turned out okay, maybe a bit heavy on the fresh ground pepper but I made one loaf into croutons tonight and topped it over some angel hair pasta and tomatoes, very tasty.... after looking at this picture I'm thinking regardless of the ecomony I need to hammer out that kitchen counter top and replace it, it's only been 20 years, I just hate to rush into it. You know it won't stop with just the counter top - that's for another day.

The other loaf was given away, I think two out of the three people liked it.
The recipe came from a cookbook I bought in Wisconsin during a summer trip to The Clearing, Pepper-Parmesan-Dijon Mustard Bread. I'll post the recipe tomorrow along's that time again for the Flavor of the Month Ice Cream.
The teddy bear in the bunny suit is coming along (it's in the latest copy of Debbie Bliss magazine available now on the magazine stands), I hope to have it completed by the end of the week. I really need to get cracking on a couple more baby shower gifts for October, the earlier baby hats I posted last week were well received, always fun to give knitted items to a non-knitter, they don't see the flaws. The next baby is a boy so it gives me a new variety of styles and colors. How's the gift vest coming along - it's not, at all... I need to focus, focus, focus and stop looking at patterns and changing from one project to another like a hummingbird. I've decided that my two store bought teddy bears should be sporting vests. They'll be a quick knit and perfect for my lunch hour knitting, yes, I knit on my lunch hour. Some people smoke, I knit, maybe I should teach the smokers how to knit. Just trying to do my part in keeping the yarn stores in business.

Enjoy your day tomorrow, finally I think I may be in for a treat and actually get a Flavor of the Month that will taste good....did I tell you what my plan is for after the 12 Months of Flavored Ice Cream? No, well, it involves The Beatles and a piano. You'll have to wait a bit longer - I still have seven months of ice cream to sample.

1 comment:

Prairie Rose said...

Mmmmmm,the bread looks so yummy!
I love breads like that.
My Italian Great-Grandmother lived to 104 and every day for lunch she ate a slice of hearty italian bread,cheese and had a glass of red wine.
It might not make you live to 104 but it sounds like a good lunch to me!!!
Have a super day!
Cant wait to see the Bunny Bear and hear about the flavor of the month:)