Sunday, September 12, 2010


My entire weekend was completely enjoyable.....didn't have time to complete everything I'd hoped to do but I guess that means my life is full. The spring bulbs are still waiting to be purchased at the local hardware store - hopefully next weekend. The bread is in the oven raising - keep your fingers crossed, the recipe sounds good so we'll see, otherwise it will become croutons. I'm all about cooking Italian food right now, unbelievable recipes and I have everything available to me here in So. Cal. Here are some pictures of our "take the dogs for a car ride", thankfully we have a dog friendly model of vehicle that comfortably carried four hounds.

I"m making a point of doing things that I've thought about but never followed through - like having a date shake. This little place is a landmark in Laguna Beach and the owners sold out a year or so ago, Ruby's bought it with the agreement that the famous Date Shake would stay on the menu. Husband wasn't interested but I needed to find out for myself if they are as tasty as the reputation. It was good, different, a very nutty flavor, I'm glad I checked it out. I only finished half the shake, very thick and rich but I enjoyed it completely. So, I guess that's crossed off the Bucket List now.

This is a awesome Italian market that has been in business here for over 35 years, a perfect source for all of my ingredients. There are about a dozen recipes I'll be preparing over the coming weeks - I'll share because I know they will be beyond delicious. People worry about weight gain over the holidays from baked cookies, Thanksgiving dinner, I'll be packing on the pounds from tomatoes, pasta, bread, I just don't seem to get enough of this stuff lately, if I were a bear I'd think I was getting ready for hibernation. Husband is all for the on slot of food coming his way, I need to know what foods I like best so when I go to Sicily I'll know what to order. My dream is to be left for an entire day with a local Italian woman in her home and spend the day with her watching her cook. Hopefully son will know someone local who will take me in, I plan to come home with recipes and a special cooking pot, copper? We'll see, something to look forward to and hopefully a trip will be in our future.

I've made a change of direction on my knitting - I saw this adorable teddy bear in a bunny suit and need to add him to my other toys. I enjoy making toys to have sitting around in my knitting room, can I call this my studio??? Other bloggers have studios, what makes something a studio vs. craft room? Anyway, I saw this little fellow and he made me smile so he's under construction.

Have a great week everyone, I spent a little time in Farmville since my crops were toast and completly dead. I don't think Farmville is for me, I'll be happy to send gifts to my neighbors but even in cyberland I don't seem to be able to keep things plants work for me these days. Enjoy your week!!!!


Prairie Rose said...

Italian Markets!!!!
I didnt even know those excisted!
I would think I died and gone to heaven,what a divine place.
The Date Shake sounds soooo yummy!
And the sleepy teddy bear is SO cute!!

a view from a brown dog said...

I am so happy you found Claro's! I have been shopping there for years as did my grandparents. Yes, a trip to Italy would be awesome! Farmville...Oh boy. Have a wonderful week friend!