Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Complete - almost....

For those gamblers out there, well, let's just say I hope you put down a very large bet as to whether Lap Dog would get to the store for those bulbs..... I'm half way there now, just get those babies in the soil and I'm good to go on to something else.

The Steak & Vegetable Braciole from the Italian magazine was good - it's a "do over" with a couple of small changes - needs salt (not included in recipe) and less cooking time in the crockpot. Husband will be having a repeat of Tuesday's dinner again tonight. Don't you just love and appreciate a man who doesn't mind eating leftovers?

I'm working on finishing up this little cap for a baby shower in October, need to get it off into the mail soon!!!
I love Manos yarns, I'm using leftovers from a couple of other projects, but as I knit this I'm thinking I should go buy more, one skein in different colors. Husband will be using his 100% wool Manos blanket I finished for him just in time for summer to begin back in June (there are only a handful of days in So. California that one can cover up with wool), it's been waiting, folded, looking beautiful for months for cooler weather to come. The colors are just so wonderful, who knew I would get such pleasure out of a handful of wool???? Only my other knitter buddies out there in the world of course, that's what makes this hobby so much fun - knitters are such nice people who love to share ideas and sources of fiber.

This is for the traveler in Sicily: I saw a picture of a pizza and sandwich that you stated was the best you've ever tasted, well, of course Southern California can't compete with that so I went another direction:

The Greatest Breakfast In Town.....cast your eyes on these plates, that burrito was enjoyed by Husband (that's a platter it's served on folks, not a plate, A PLATTER). He enjoyed every bite...

I'm wishing everyone a great couple of days until the weekend arrives, hope it's filled with activites you enjoy, I'll be back with the completed hat, teddybear inside the rabbit suit, and hopefully something new on the needles by Friday.... I need to pick up another set of needles so you can see the mohair I bought in Chicago months back that will be knit into a lace scarf for someone special for Christmas. This mohair is so amazingly soft, something about the way they spin it, I'll get the name and details to you so you can enjoy finding some for yourself....I'm sure I'll be purchasing more of this, beautiful colors available it's hard to pick, I'm thinking winter white???? Pink????


Prairie Rose said...

You can do it,Lap Dog!
I am rooting for ya' I know those bulbs will get in the ground!
My hubby loves leftovers too!
He makes it even better when he says "With cooking like yours babe,who wouldnt want to eat it two or three times" :)
Love the colors of the little hat!
MMMMM,that breakfast looks yummy!
I love places like that,where they serve breakfast all day,the waitress calls you 'Hon' and your coffee cup never goes empty.

a view from a brown dog said...

Hi friend nice to see YOU! I ditto Hespers comments "I love places like that,where they serve breakfast all day,the waitress calls you 'Hon' and your coffee cup never goes empty."
me too! Looking forward to your next project. Happy gardening!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Here's hoping all those bulbs come up....One year I think a rabbit ate mine. The nerve!

josiekitten said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the little baby cap you're knitting - so cute! I'm just getting bulbs ready for planting too. It's so nice when they appear in spring and bring some colour to the garden.